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veen  ·  375 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 10, 2017

For the next half year, this will be my view!

...provided I manage to arrive early enough to get a spot near the windows. More importantly, I'm glad I can finally start my thesis. The great thing is that I don't really have any obligations here, but can use the municipalities' resources and people for advice. They even pay me a small internship compensation.

There's another course I have to do to for some final credits, but that course turns out to be laughably easy - we need to write a 2500 word literature research in a group of four WITH A PREDEFINED FORMAT. Because working in a group of four on something tiny is annoyingly inefficient, this will be an exercise in avoiding meetings more than in writing a paper. Boy do I feel bad for missing out on the three-hour first-draft presentations tomorrow.

There's a pretty big chance I will move to a bigger room this summer. Because of this, I might finally have enough space to make my own tiny home gym, so I've been reading a bunch on fitness again. Does anyone have some must-do exercises? I found a cheap squat rack with a pullup bar, so I was thinking adding a bench, dumbbells and kettlebells so I can do most exercises. Also thinking of tracking my progress much more diligently. Anyone have experience with smart weight scales? I just want something that measures body fat and will auto-fill a Google doc.

Almost forgot, but I went to the nerdiest place in the world last week. There is an old community building that a bunch of people turned into a haven / hackerspace for old arcades, consoles and games, so I played some Duck Hunt, played a game off a cassette tape and became a Mouse Expert on an Apple IIe. Felt nostalgia for something that was never in my youth in the first place, is there a word for that?