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Devac  ·  380 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I'm not welcome as a teacher, don't know why.

    You're in as much of a rush to get out of school as me, it sounds like.

Nah, I like it so far. However, if I could get to the finish faster, then why not make an attempt at it? In my case it works like this: some of the courses that I am eligible to take count both toward my undergrad and to the specialisation I want to take because courses with the exact same codes and material are listed on both of them. On top of it, a lot of the physics courses that qualify for theoretical physics count as valid options for applied maths majors. Other courses, like the Classical Field Theory that I'm doing now, count for both masters programmes and my selection of 'interests topics' during undergrad.

I'm actually minimising my work for maximal ETCS gain by playing around with how the courses are transferred between departments. :P

Plus I'm not going to lie, it would be a cool thing to finally best my brother at something. ;)

    Try to have at least a bit of fun on the way

I do have fun. Maybe not in the 'going to parties' way, but I rarely like how it works for me. Actually, I just came back from one and despite having some good time I grew more and more bored as it progressed. Now I sit in front my laptop with a freshly launched IDE and have a blast working on one of my projects. Perhaps it would be easier for me if I could not taste or smell alcohol, though. ;P

    I have a laundry list of relatively harmless things I'll eventually be following through on. Like spoofing official procedural paperwork placed next to the microwave in the break room, with a new sign enforcing paper documentation of microwave usage, and caution tape stuck to the floor in a perimeter around it all.

Dang! I hope that you'll share it afterwards. Definitely sounds like something I can get behind. Most of the ones here are based on various stickers so it would be a good way to stray from the formula. I'll have to start taking pictures of some of them, one was a really bitchin' parody of the Superman logo where it was changed to δS followed by (not translated literally) "You know the hero by the way he acts". :D