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francopoli  ·  384 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 5, 2017

I'm a 'white' guy. Actually I am Irish and the Irish were not even considered white until the 1900's. Huh, a recent article on that history, might post this as well Furthermore, I was raised Catholic. Where I grew up the KKK was very active, and they HATE Catholics. Mainly due to the Catholic church taking a stand for racial equality in the '50s and '60's and helping organize the freedom riders. The KKK saw catholics as race traitors and set their churches on fire, killed priests and terrorized communities. The Sheriff of San Diego County in the early '60s once jokes to a room full of people that beating the shit out of the Irish kids is fine because their parents will just make more of them.

Here's the thing though that people forget. The Klan are/were/define racish cocksucking shitheels that should all be rounded up killed and ground into fertilizer. Every KKK asswipe is evil, un-American and a terrorist. All of em. Yet, the KKK did have a moral core and a sense of purpose and they honestly think that they are working to make the world a better place. As I have gotten older I can understand their points, argue them, and will still shoot any of them dead if they come onto my land. Still, they have a right to exist and we fight these idiots by laughing at them.

The long, rambling point is this. I logged in from work on my lunch break, which I normally do not do, to post that this class description made me so fucking angry that I just defended the Ku Klux Klan. As you take this course, think about that.