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zebra2  ·  454 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Creative types of Hubski, share something here.

Keep it up, they sound good. Another option: go for an EP. My opinion after having bounced around the local music scene for a couple years is that albums are dead for a startup musician. It may be the most artistically fulfilling option, but you'll have a hard enough time getting people to listen to one song all the way through, let alone 5+

Work for an album, release an EP. Take all your material, mull it over, and boil it down to the 4 best, punchiest, most cohesive tracks and look at it again with fresh eyes. Maybe it's not the option for you, but I do firmly believe there is no pragmatic benefit to releasing an album over an EP or even a single as an aspiring musician.

On a side note I got the volca keys. They're a blast and a totally different animal from the FM.