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kleinbl00  ·  423 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Been going to yoga. Turns out when it's not Bikram bullshit run by GirlyGymBros so they can listen to whitesnake while doing downward dog it doesn't suck. I, on the other hand, do.

Been going to physical therapy. Last week my PT girl observed that my running form sucks because one of my legs points out. I observed that I told her this the previous week and that further, it points out from the hip, it points out more when I'm under stress, and that chiropractic makes it point straight for a while. I then asked her if I should maybe go see a chiropractor. She looked at me stupidly. Seeing her again tomorrow and if she doesn't get her shit together I'm bailing and finding another.

Been logging all meals (usually I go up to dinner and stop because logging meals is a drag and I've been doing it since 2011). Logging everything, I'm running about a 700 calorie-a-day deficit and gaining a pound a week, all the while being cranky, light-headed and despondent over low blood sugar. Meeting with a nutritionist Friday who is going to go through the rigamarole of assuming I'm lying, because that's what medical professionals do when you present them with something they don't understand - assume you're lying. Fuck all doctors everywhere. At least we now know I don't have a tumor. But I guess that makes me even more of a liar. I have to spend six months with a nutritionist before I get a referral to an endocrinologist.

Been logging bugs for Google. My wife and I run Project Fi because theoretically, we should always be reachable which matters when you deliver babies for a living. Which makes it suck all the harder when one of your wife's expectant moms has to call an ambulance because Google Fi won't connect EIGHT phone calls and three texts. So the birth center's first official birth was a transport because Google. We're at about four hours of testing now, roughly a dozen bug reports, and we've been able to confirm that not only does Project Fi not connect calls when it decides to get on "xfinitywifi" (even when it's got full bars on T-Mobile) it also won't connect to anything, at all, ever, if you tell it to connect to Sprint. As in, if it thinks it's on Sprint, it won't pass phone calls even when you're on Wifi. When I mentioned to Google that I have more testing with their product than I do with Avid, and Avid gives me about $20k worth of software in response to my efforts, they were unmoved. Fuck Google, too.

Been trying to sort out a goddamn magazine subscription. I went from having two magazines on two names for one year each to having one subscription and one cancellation with no refund. When you get on their website they won't send the form until you select your country. THERE IS NO PLACE TO SELECT YOUR COUNTRY. I had to reach out over a goddamn Facebook message.

Our open house is this weekend. We're spending $30 each for munchies for whoever shows up because we're catering it. At least then it will be fucking done. Of course, our contractor started grouting the backsplashes... and then fucked off somewhere so the counters are covered in grout but the tiles are not. He's got 48 hours.

And i'm supposed to be mixing this fucking movie but instead, I'm trying to get my wife's phone to take calls, my dad's "gift" to actually arrive correctly and the rest of my unemployment money to arrive because fuck you you have to re-file every three months because you're a freeloading insect, the Republicans said so.

And now I'm going to go for a run, and try to turn my leg the right way, and get a spasm in my hip, and then go put together Ikea furniture instead of, you know, working on the shit I get paid for or finishing the goddamn book because when you work for yourself, that means that everyone values their time above yours.