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Devac  ·  424 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

University stuff:

Turns out that the track practice is really exhausting. For the first time in quite a long while, I feel like I'm out of shape. I could barely slog myself back to the dorm, and taking the elevator was really tempting. It's awesome! Shows room for improvement. :D

One more person resigned from the individual track on physics and went to the 'normal' level. Fifteen entered, nine managed to get to the second year, now there are seven of us left. No, I didn't just forget how to add, note that I've used "more" :P. That switch was in the middle of last semester. To add the fact that one guy from current seven failed the Classical Mechanics exam, we are on track to repeat my brother's "graduation of the Fantastic Four".

Also, guess which part of the physics building was the only one to constantly lose power yesterday? The Electronics Lab! There were troubles even before the main source of possible problems (ie students) were allowed in. This whole lab exercise will need to be repeated.

Board games!:

This weekend we plan on renting a copy of XCOM board game. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good?

I have entered a chess tournament that starts in a few weeks. Goal: to finally get promoted to the 2nd category (Elo 1800). It's kind of a threshold when it comes to playing in high ranking tournaments. Almost everything below it can be called as entry level or local event.

My roommate has also joined, which I find to be an exquisite troll to happen. He's a 5th category (1200) player who can reliably kick my arse if he'll put his mind to it but stopped attending any tournaments around the third grade. I want to see how all the people there are slowly realising who's the real dark horse of the tournament. ;)

Would anyone be interested in the game analysis threads?