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rd95  ·  395 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Friends and Family

Called a famity member this week. We don't talk much, almost never, and I'm trying to fix that. The conversation went well, but was frustratingly short. I think I'm gonna resort to just calling them out of the blue when I feel like it. My friend who asked my wife and I two weekends ago to go to cars and coffee with her and a guy she likes is doing amazingly well with said guy. They've gone on a few dates since then and I get the impression that she's more than halfway smitten with him. It's awesome to see. I had lunch with one of my coworkers this week, who is one of those kinds of guys that's much easier to get along with outside the realm of work. He's an awesome guy and for about an hour he talked to me about the workings of the various warplanes and the politics behind them, video games, his family, etc. Lastly, I'm thinking about calling up a bud and see if we can't plan a way to see some of the regional museums around here. He doesn't get a lot of free time these days, so when we do hang out, I think I owe it to him to make it something kind of big.


I know who George Burns and Gracie Allen are. They were once very big deals in the comedy industry and George Burns himself worked well into old age, though the only thing I've ever seen of his was "Oh, God!" Antenna TV has recently started showing episodes of "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" and I have got to say, it's a hell of a show. The situations are absurd yet believable, George and Gracie are razor sharp in both their wit and timing, neither one of them is afraid to be the butt end of a joke of it'll get a good laugh. It's hard to put into words just how good this show is. If anyone on here ever gets the chance to check out a few episodes, I highly recommend it.


Know what I love so much about Hubski? It has so many amazing, honest to God, creative people. So many people in fact, that I'm afraid of doing any shoutouts for fear of forgetting people and making anyone feel left out. I was up late last night, browsing Wikipedia when that thought crept into my mind, and it made me sincerely happy. Keep sharing what you make guys. :)