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Cedar  ·  333 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of America‚Äôs New Right

I can totally understand their position, despite disagreeing with them with the vehemence of a moon kissing it's parent planet.

Things like Gamersgate and the rise of SJWs has done a lot to alienate people in my demographic, and the way these things have been presented has been very one-sided, with toxic communities on Reddit and Tumblr highlighting any extreme opinion shown by the opposition; so you end up with a stream of people spewing hate about things you feel passionate about and the real issues and discussion that needs to be had gets silenced or bastardised. Is Gamersgate about ethical integrity in gaming journalism, or a targeted and personal attack against prominent women in gaming? I still do not know.

That doesn't even touch upon the issues of race, LGBTQ, classism, immigration and whatever other butchered narrative they have been selling us for years. Oh, but look, here's a well established (read: why won't it just die already) group of self-styled new media that is ready and eager to call out the traditional murdoch-owned news corporations, and their pbviously bought and paid for politicians. Oh, and Wikileaks doesn't have an agenda it's just super easy to get incriminating stuff on the Clintons...

Yeah, it's no wonder Trump and Breitbart and Milo Shutuppayourfacopolis have seen a lot of success