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kantos  ·  489 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 15, 2017


Finally finished with all my exams this week. All-in-all, I think I did rather flaky on them... one of those feelings where the tests were so easy I must have been some major details. Either that, or I have some minor mistakes scattered around my work. Ah well. Now, with exams out of the way I can turn my attention to anything else at least a week.


Because I failed to notify the SGA of last minute changes to the November travel plans to Cali, we were put on notice for probation. Good news is the meeting is today and I hope to sort it out. Bad news is I have no idea what this really means after searching through as many linked documents from the SGA site as I could find relevant. Unrelated note: there's club drama that I'm completely oblivious to, yet seeing red flags left and right. Not really concerned, but funny to notice how out of the loop I am. Frankly, I prefer the ignorance so long as I can maintain a neutral status as someone people can go to if they need to talk.


Went to the job fair two weeks ago. Going to mark it down as a practice round... There were only a few places I was interested in approaching and only handed out 10 or so resumes. Part of that was the line for Lockheed-Martin being so damn long. With all the engineers at our school, the line only got longer every time I came back to check. By the time I made my small rounds, joined the line, and moved a fifth of the way to the recruiters, I had to go to my next class. Small bummer, but I got a free, shiny LinkedIn profile picture out of it that I have been using to apply online elsewhere. Interning for Lockheed would be a dream experience. Hoped to get a leg up on other applicants by making a good impression on the recruiters - the internship I'm applying too is non-technical so in theory all those engineers who surrounded me wouldn't have been my competition. Meh. On another note, I just got off a phone interview with onward Israel which allows me to get an internship in Israel over the summer (and I'd get a free flight there thanks to Birthright). Truth be told, that's the back-up plan provided I get it since I'm not likely to move to Israel for a job after uni.


Roommate situation is in the air. This makes me unhappy granted how much better this year's gone having a childhood friend and his own friend (who went to the same schools as us) compared to my first and second year situations. Previous plans were that the childhood friend (Friend A) would have another friend of his fill the third slot (Friend C) since the current one will not be in the state next semester. The meet up was rather choppy, sudden and in a completely non-neutral environment (our place). I didn't get a good read on Friend C and told Friend A in less words... naturally, it didn't leave too good an impression. He let me know he's looking for other places now. I'm looking to recourse and be more open. It's not necessarily hard to do so, just a pain to be in such an awkward place.


In a low. Been doing the usual attach-self-worth-to-interactions-with-X, hasn't been doing me good. The whole roommate thing got me in a funk. Friend A's group of friends are very tight, so it was easy to project someone something was wrong when I was getting flat out ignored by one of the more outgoing ones recently. A similar occurrence happened in a club meeting last night. These bits happening under 24 hours amidst exams really sent me into a tizz with questions about my psyche in relations to others and my childhood. Good times.

tl;dr more tedious, slightly deviant, yet mundane activity than normal.