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Thanks man! It was a trip. Seeing how the whole PR machine works is sort of a trip. The woman that did the report... we never met her. Not once. Never spoke to her, neither did the patient or the doctor. It's wild how these reports are made.

Also, watching how a morning show is orchestrated was really interesting. Banter, kitty cats, banter, weather, traffic, banter, stem cells, banter... we were a bit out of place. I wish they had a link to that live show.

I will say that they couldn't have been nicer to us while we were there. Their head anchor, a woman named Alicia was awesome and mentioned that she'd like to have her mother bank her stem cells. Also, funnily enough the guy with the cat on the show is a doctor and wants to bank his stem cells with us. -You never know where the opportunities will come from.

But yeah, it was a trip.

How you been?