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alpha0  ·  2694 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Trump just made a sweeping, unprecedented change to the National Security Council

Bannon is somewhat unhinged & his revisionist take on history is 'interesting'.

He's straight out of spook central casting, with an appropriately just-so resume (with the requisite tour of duty in Goldman Sachs).

And of course Breitbret:


Then, there is the ever present man in the room looking like Machiaveli's Doppelgänger, linked to Lubavitchers, is not too loudly discussed in MSM.

On the Generals front, Thierry Meyssan has his own take on the current regime, in context of 9/11:


And in case you missed this apparently unprecedented stage event:

The Venn Diagram analysis of all above is Christian-Zionism & a military Junta behind the scenes.

[p.s. updated K's image links since someone yanked the original url /g]