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Devac  ·  1153 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The two images in this post were impossible to take before 2002AD

Just a few tips/observations if you don't mind:

- apng works (at leas on all of the hardware that I have here for tests) much better on various types of Firefox when compared to Chrome/Chromium. They display the same, but Chrom* took noticeably more CPU to render it.

- ImageMagick, while being a really good powerhouse of a converter, isn't yet capable of making animated webp. On Debian-based distributions it also needs webp package to actually work on them. If you are building it from source here is a tutorial that shows building the source to get webp support.

- There were a few changes to ImageMagick syntax when the most recent version was released and not all tutorial and documentation was fully updated. While it's usually about more in-depth stuff, I think that we both know how often this 'arcane buried feature' is precisely the thing you need right now. ;)

- Despite the mentioned problems, I can't stress enough how much you can do with ImageMagick. After trying out a few alternatives, it just works wonders for my needs. I've made games like X-COM actually playable for me, because of certain blending problems (near the lower right there's a muton… supposedly, I can't see that xeno piece of shit ;/) it wouldn't be possible otherwise. If you would need some help later, I think that I'm experienced enough to provide it.

- As a tip: ImageMagick supports multithreading.

- webp improved a lot in recent years, but there are some fuck-ups with transparency. Today it's usually not much of a problem, but that's something to have in mind.

- And finally, here is my apng from yesterday. When you'll get a moment feel free to see it for yourself. As I said before, if you were to convert it from jpg frames it would likely look better.