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I'm super happy for Blue Origins, and I hope the stock boost and revenue they get from this project will lead to a reusable rocket that will take payloads to LEO. I know that's their goal, and it's a good approach.

That being said I absolutely HATE the media "BLUE ORIGINS BEATS SPACEX" crap that they spread. They are in two completely different applications. One is launching tourists "really high", the other is sending paid client payloads into LEO and GTO, AND they have a successful landing of the first stage too. The differences are so vast that I hate the media playing each of them against each other. It's like comparing GM to Boeing. Bezos quote when they landed their booster of "welcome to the club" to Musk was just kind of annoying, but I get why he did it.

They are both doing absolutely awesome things, and it makes me happy and hopeful for space exploration. But the media isn't doing the industry any favors by pretending what BO and SpaceX are doing are the same thing. It further spreads ignorance about space exploration.

Sorry to go off on a tangent. Just something I'm passionate about. :)