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I expected a "ads are good" bollocks thing.

I'm glad it was a lot more nuanced than that, and the maker of Peace has all of my respect - I can only hope that there's a good ad-blocker that, like he suggested, doesn't hit the ones who don't deserve the hit (like the smaller companies with ads, or the websites which relied on unobtrusive ad revenue to sustain itself).

I also like his commentary - the advertisement business is definitely a war. On one side, we've got advertising companies who try to breach the front to saturate us with product placement to make us buy. On the other, there's us who don't want for anything to become like the TV show in Idiocracy and are tired of ads. I'm hoping that some day there will be a change that will end this (though, to be honest? Old Spice is doing a good job on that, with their actually interesting ads - I'm subscribed to the channel JUST for the antics).