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cgod  ·  2546 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Rambling on making money

Oh my God I love the lack of advertising on Hubski.

If I had to play a sick game of either/or and pick which group I'd purge in a Pol Pot, Maoist, Stalinist purge for the greater good it'd be add executives.

The main function of an add is to make people feel like their life is shit. Their car isn't cool enough, they are too fat, they might be happy if they just got organized with some IKEA pressed cardboard furniture. It makes us all insane. It makes us greedy.

If we weren't so tortured and shackled by all the shit we want, all the things we are not what could we do?

People want to get rid of food stamps in the Saudia Arabia of food (the U.S. produces a lot of food). The societal benefit of giving health care for all, mental health care for all the prisoners in our jails, a subsistence level income for those the system has pushed to the side and more are all within our grasp but might as well be on Mars.

Of course if we weren't being manipulated by sophisticated sales machines we would still be greedy but I don't think we would be this greedy and unhappy at the same time.

Fuck splashing adds in our face. Our society base and gross in so many ways, just let me she'll out a few hours of work a year to the site and give me a well desired break from soddom.