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iammyownrushmore  ·  2914 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Note I Attached to my Final Exam

    I'm personally interested in the practical value that Anthropological perspective can provide to improve health outcomes.

I think this is kind of like saying "I'm only interested in scientific research that improves health outcomes." and sounds like you walked in with a pretty strong bias against their central tenants. It's a field of it's own right that isn't necessarily limited to the practical outcomes that you desire.

Which is whatever, but you're getting pretty polemic and shitting all over the SJW thing, which is the hot thing to do right now, but social justice is a concept that's far older than Tumblr and has merits of it's own right that have become permutated into something that isn't easily digestible, and then is regurgitated assiduously to the point that it digresses from the original context. Although it seems you may be surrounded by that right now, so I could understand your exacerbation.

As for the Harvard thing, well, if your intent is only as stated, that may not even be interesting to you, but they attempt to use images and film as a means of studying particular aspects of anthropology, hoping for an even more authentic experience that doesn't get caught in the bias of language and traditional data capturing. I gather from what I have seen of their work, that, for instance, if the sensation of isolation or religious ecstasy is something they are trying to show, doing so in a format that involves sensory input in a more natural realm (using visuals instead of the written word), may be a better way to achieve a fitting understanding.