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lil  ·  2074 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Sometimes I forget why I'm here

I'm not really coming late to this party. Have been peeking in the window but didn't want to go in until I read this quote from kleinbl00:

    On the one hand, 8bit could scrawl "you insensitive racist cracker mutherfuckers" underneath the bathroom graffiti.
That somehow made sense to me. A graffito for a graffito.

Plus what starts in a stall, stays in a stall.

8bit, could you do that and send us the picture. I think you should take it personally in that way. I don't come across too much racist, anti-semitic, anti-Arab, anti-gay crap in my classroom anymore. Mostly because my students are older, but I only let one comment pass unquestioned in the last 35 years -- and at the moment, I'm wishing I hadn't. But what to say?

I was walking behind some students (no one that I knew) at the start of the Canada's involvement in Afghanistan -- early 00s I guess -- and I heard one student say to another, "I can hardly wait to get over there and kill some ragheads."

I wish I had had a set of comments at my tonguetip. I suppose minimally, I could just name it: "That's a racist thing to say."

btw, 8bit, I loved the ironic badging. I wondered if along with the question "Do you want to badge this comment? Yes? No? There could be another option.

Do you want to badge this comment?

Yes? No? Ironically?

and if we choose ironically, it could appear in a non-gold colour.

What do you think?