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Meriadoc  ·  3036 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Book Club: 2666 pt. 5 (and hubski book club stuff, please read)

I'll take the lead if anyone likes, or would BLOB_CASTLE or flagamuffin prefer? If you have anything really lined up, go for it. If I go, I'll probably take a vote between The Satanic Verses or something by Cormac McCarthy, most likely Blood Meridian.

Since I'm sure we all want something shorter, I'm leaning towards Blood Meridian, and especially for a good change in structure in readability after 2666. Not that The Satanic Verses isn't story-based or has an awkward structure, but it certainly has a unique gait to it all, which might feel tiresome on the tails on Bolano, even though it's bubbly, quick, and staccato as opposed to slow, even-paced and meandering like 2666. I additionally haven't read Blood Meridan yet, so that's an added bonus for me, and I get a really nice trance-like feeling reading McCarthy.

I'd even suggest having a cooling period before we start where maybe everyone that's going to be in can read some of his short stories or The Road to be initiated/excited for our reading, or simply don't read so we have rocketing through this and having people get burnt out. He's very easy to read, even if the style does change appropriately story to story. I read The Road in less than a week, for example.